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Accommodation for chaperones is usually provided on a reciprocal basis:

School exchanges need to be approved by the school administration and/or district administration.

The European students are expected to attend your school between 4 and 7 days (to be determined upon confirmation of your exchange partner school)

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Teachers wishing to use the services of Forum by Prométour (“Forum”) to establish a school exchange partnership agree to the following terms and conditions:

1/ Preamble

An exchange consists of a group of students and their teacher(s) traveling abroad, integrating into the life of their partner school, and residing with the families of the students whom they will, in turn, receive.

By submitting this exchange request form it is understood that you, the organizing teacher, your students and their families wish to develop a school exchange program with a European school using the support of Forum.

2/ Role of Forum

Forum will find you a compatible partner school in France/Spain willing to establish an exchange program with your school.

Forum will assist you and your school with informing parents and school administration about the educational benefits of the exchange. Forum will also help you complete all necessary documentation for the preparation and realization of the trip.

Forum will advise and support you and the organizing teacher of the European school during the planning of the exchange.

Forum will serve as the travel agency for your school and its sister company, Prométour España in Spain and Prométour Europe in France, will serve as the travel agency for your partner school. As such, Forum and its sister company will arrange flights and transfers between the airport and the partner schools, obtain travel and medical insurance for all participants on both sides of the exchange, and provide both schools’ representatives with copies of the policies prior to the date of departure.

Upon your request, Forum will also organize field trips and overnight excursions in the destination country to meet your educational goals. As licensed tour operators, Forum and its sister companies will manage all bookings in-house.

3/ Role of the organizing teacher

You, the organizing teacher, will obtain approval from your school to implement the exchange program.

You will communicate directly with your partner school’s organizing teacher to finalize and agree to the exchange portion of both groups’ itineraries, including travel dates, lengths of stay, academic program, and activities to be organized by the schools and/or host families.

You will recruit and select the students and families who will participate in the exchange program, ensuring that host families will provide a welcoming and safe environment. With your partner school´s organizing teacher, you will pair the exchange partners and their families, making sure to agree beforehand what hosting arrangements will be made if the final number of participating students differs between schools (e.g. additional host families will be recruited, the number of students traveling will be reduced to match the partner school).

You will maintain regular contact via email and/or phone with your partner teacher and Forum.

4/ Responsibilities of Forum

Forum is a registered Seller of Travel with the State of California, with license number 2061627. You and your students will be under the liability and professional insurance of Forum when traveling. Likewise, the teacher(s) and students of your partner school will be under the liability and professional insurance of Forum’s sister companies in France and Spain when traveling to, from and within the US.

In the event that a trip cannot take place due to events or circumstances caused by the French/Spanish school, or to an unforeseeable and insurmountable act by a third party or Act of God, Forum will not be held responsible for the changes in the travel schedules, however Forum will work to find another French/Spanish school for the exchange within a reasonable period of time.

Forum cannot guarantee that schools will have the same number of participants traveling and, therefore, cannot be held responsible if the number of traveling students differs between schools.

5/ Exclusivity

It is understood that you agree that you and your students are benefiting from the school network, experience and know-how of Forum with regards to the organization and coordination of the exchange program.

You agree that any future exchange programs with the same school will be arranged exclusively through Forum and that no exchanges will be arranged independently between the schools.

6/ Other

Forum’s sister companies apply the same terms and conditions to the European school.

Any person who organizes a trip for others with a personal benefit of any kind is required to comply with State licensing and registration laws as a Seller of Travel; obtain professional liability insurance; and ensure compliance with State laws concerning the handling of client funds in either a Client Trust Account or maintain a surety bond. Forum and its sister companies comply with all laws, licensing, registration and insurance requirements in their respective countries.

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