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School Exchange Program

Cross-cultural school exchange

Foster global awareness
& life-long friendships

As the experts in school exchanges, we match you with a partner school abroad then provide you with guidance and support in each step of the process as you visit and host your partner school with our school exchange program.

Your students will build lifelong connections with their exchange partners as they immerse themselves into the daily lives of their host families and school.

School Exchanges are affordable and provide a great opportunity to engage the entire school community providing cultural exposure and connection for all students, not just those who travel.

Spanish exchange

French exchange

The Program

  • We’ll match you with a partner school in Spain or France.
  • Your school will host a group of students from your partner school.
  • You and your students will visit your partner school and be hosted by
    their families in Spain or France.

Take the first step

Read our Teacher’s Guide to Organizing a School Exchange.

What teachers and students are saying about our school exchange program

Find your partner school

Submit your school profile by April 1st to be considered for our regular matching process.

Schools for which we identify a partner will be notified of their match by April 16th.


Click on the map below to see the locations of our French partner school.

As a part of the Prométour Group, we’re a leader in the educational travel industry with more than 25 years of experience. In 2006, we began organizing school exchanges and have organized more than 250 exchanges since then.

We prioritize the safety of students and have offices in both France and the US in order to provide 24/7 in-country support to both school groups while traveling.

All exchanges include travel insurance with medical coverage for both your school and the French school, giving schools and families peace of mind when hosting and traveling.

An exchange program involves the support of the organizing teacher, school administration and host families.

To determine if an exchange is the right option for your school, we encourage you to first speak with your school administration. You will need their approval to travel with your students and to host the French students at your school for four to seven days. If your administration approves, you may also need to schedule time at your next school board meeting to get their approval as well. This process can take several months depending on your school.

Once you have school approval, you will need to identify if you have enough interest from families to host the visiting students. It is required in an exchange program that students are hosted one per home in a safe, supervised, and welcoming environment.

Your exchange will take place during the French school year, which starts in September and ends in June.

On your school profile form, you will be able to indicate your preferred travel dates. The more flexible you are with your dates, the more likely we will be able to match you with a partner school.

Please note that if you are not able to travel until June, it may be more difficult to find a partner as many French schools are starting finals by then.

On your school profile form, you will be able to indicate your hosting availability. The more flexible you are with your dates, the more likely we will be able to match you with a partner school.

Many French schools like to travel in the fall when their school year starts, so it’s best to have your partnership established the spring prior to their travel.

When you have been matched with your partner school, you and the organizing teacher at your partner school will decide together what activities each school will plan for the other.

First, you’ll want to decide how many days will be spent in classes versus on excursions. Usually Americans prefer to spend less time in class and more time sight-seeing while the French prefer to integrate themselves in daily school life. Use this opportunity to plan special activities that will involve other students at your school, coordinate with other teachers which classes the students will attend, and work with your families to plan some activities outside school hours to make sure all the visiting students are enjoying their time in your town.

Start Planning

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