Exploring Senegal: A Journey with Landing, Our Expert Guide


Embarking on a journey to Senegal with Forum by Prométour is not just about sightseeing; it’s a deep dive into the heart and soul of this vibrant West African country, offering a unique glimpse into a different francophone culture. Leading the way, is Landing, our seasoned Senegalese Tour Manager, whose passion for his homeland is felt through every moment of our journey.

Meet Landing: A True Ambassador of Senegal

Landing, a proud native of Southern Senegal, is a polyglot extraordinaire, with fluency in seven languages, including three native African creoles. He is not just a guide, but a storyteller and friend. Apart from his warmth and humor, he is a true embodiment of the renowned spirit of Teraanga – the Wolof word for hospitality and leading ethos of the country.

During our week-long excursion, there was an abundance of laughter, good anecdotes, and captivating insights into this unique francophone culture. With 17 years of experience in leading groups, Landing’s enthusiasm for his job is palpable. When asked why he chose this career path, his answer was simple, yet meaningful – “Because I LOVE it”. Landing finds great joy in sharing his culture with groups and educating them about all that Senegal has to offer. It’s deeply rewarding for him to reassure travelers that they need not feel anxious about visiting this African destination, as its people are ready to embrace them wholeheartedly.

A Francophone Haven

Senegal is a rich tapestry of over 35 languages spoken throughout the country – but it’s especially alluring for students eager to sharpen their French skills. As a proud member of the Francophonie, Senegal offers a hospitable environment for linguistic immersion. Throughout our journey, Landing not only introduced us to the basics of Wolof, but also emphasized the importance of not shying away from using French skills in everyday interactions, whether navigating a bustling local market or expressing gratitude when sampling the local cuisine.

An insight into Wolof with Landing

While traveling in Senegal is a unique opportunity for students to use their French, Wolof serves as a bridge between the diverse communities that exist in the country. When asked about his favorite expressions in Wolof, Landing responded with matter-of-fact yet heartfelt simplicity: Jërëjëf and Nanga def, Thank You and How Are You? Gratitude and well-being. For Landing, these hold great significance – they encapsulate the essence of cultural exchange, demonstrating respect and appreciation for local life, and offering a way to connect beyond linguistic barriers.

A journey to Senegal with your students, transcends tourism and checkpoints off an itinerary – it’s a unique and transformative experience that they will carry beyond just memories. Our adventure with Landing shines brightly as a testament to the power of cultural and linguistic exchange, and appreciation for the bonds that unite us across borders.

Whether you seek a truly unique experience for French learners or are looking to provide an enriching adventure for students at your school, Senegal awaits – with Landing ready to welcome you with open arms and a warm smile.

See Our Senegal Tour

See Our Senegal Tour

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  1. Ellen Dill

    Our trip to Senegal was one of the best experiences of my life and career. The visit to a school, a sustainable farming village, national parks, And especially l’île de Gorée, were not mere photo stops, but experiences that connected us to this amazing francophone country. Landing is a joy to travel with in Senegal. We are forever changed by this amazing trip. Thank you FORUM.

    • Nadia Comerford

      Dear Ellen,

      thank you so much for your kind words and we are so glad to hear you had such an amazing time in beautiful Senegal!

      The Forum Team.

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