French idiomatic expressions


French idiomatic expressions worksheet

Introduce your students to French idiomatic expressions used around the world. This worksheet includes 12 expressions from various Francphone countries. Challenge your students to provide a literal translation, then guess the meaning behind each expression. 

1. Haiti

Piti piti zwazo fè nich li.

2. Belgique

At’ n’aise, on a tout le temps.

3. Sénégal

Senegal French Expression

Conduire dans des tablettes de chocolat.

4. Côte D’Ivoire

Avoir son coeur qui est tombé dans son caleçon.

5. France

Avoir le mal du pays.

6. Martinique

Trop presé pa ka fé jou ouvé.

7. La Réunion

La Reunion French expression

Y fait pas la boue avant la pluie.

8. Suisse

French quote switzerland

Y’a pas le feu au lac.

9. Guadeloupe

Chacun sait ce qui cuit dans sa marmite.

10. Canada

Canadian expression

Y’a pas d’quoi sauter au plafond.

11. Cameroun

Sauter et caler en l’air.

12. France

Il fait un froid de canard

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Reader Interactions


  1. Veronique Silverman

    You have a photo of Mont Saint Michel in France for Canada # 10. And a French expression: Il fait un froid de canard, that does not correspond to the expression below the photo that says “Ya pas de quoi sauter au plafond”, which is definitely a Canadian expression.

    • Julia

      Thank you for catching that, Veronique. You’re right! We’ve udpated the image to reflect what is in the activity worksheet and answer key. Merci!

  2. Joel Metellus

    In Haiti, we don’t say “awazo”, the word for bird is either “Wazo” or “Zwazo”.
    Joel Metellus

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