Host mom Nina in kitchen with students, Málaga, Spain

Host mom promotes cultural exchange through homestay


Say ¡Hola! to Nina who loves hosting international students in her hometown of Málaga, Spain. We asked her why she likes being a host mom. Here´s what she said:“Being a host mom is such a blessing. Hosting makes me enthusiastic to get to know other places and people and comes from a desire of mine to make the world a smaller place. I love when students ask me questions about Spanish customs, I love sharing my culture with the students I host while learning about theirs. It´s always a pleasure to accommodate students in my household, and I hope to host for as long as possible.”

Nina and Host Students preparing for dinner together

Meet the Host Student: Elena

We asked host student Elena how she has enjoyed her experience staying with Nina:“When I got to Spain one of the first things Nina told us was to use the “tú” form (informal you) with her. This was very interesting because in the US we use miss and missus to show respect, but here respect is shown differently. Nina has been incredible and very welcoming. She often says “todo es para vosotros.” Her meals are amazing. She brings us to school and all we have to do is text her when we want a ride home. Spain has been an incredible experience, and Nina has improved my time here an indescribable amount!”

Nina and Host students enjoying dessert

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