In-class Spanish Activity: Vote for Best Spanish Artist-2019 MTV Europe Awards


The 2019 MTV Europe Music Awards will be held on November 3rd in Seville, Spain, and it´s not too late to still vote! Get your students involved in choosing the “Best Spanish Artist” by watching the music videos of each artist nominated and then casting their vote online using the link at the bottom of the page. Have your students follow along by filling in the missing lyrics (pdf file attached below) to each song.


Active since 1992, this group hails from Zaragoza, Spain and specializes in pop rock. The veteran of the five nominees, this band has already won this award twice, in ’02 and ’08, along with 26 other awards.Have students follow along with the lyrics and fill in the blanks with the right word using this worksheet: Lyrics for Mares igual que tú by Amaral.

Anni B Sweet

From Málaga, Spain, singer Anni B Sweet has a unique soft and melancholic style that mixes indie pop and folk genres. She actually writes many of her lyrics in English and has recently released a new album.Lyrics + Fill in the blank: Lyrics for Buen Viaje by Anni-B.


Despite being relatively new to the music industry, this young artist, originally from Seville, Spain, has appeared three times in Spain’s top 10 hits in the past five years.Lyrics + Fill in the blank: Lyrics for Me vas a ver by Beret.

See more from Beret on Spotify!

Carolina Durante

Formed in 2017 in Madrid, this band combines punk rock and pop. They are particularly known for their relaxed performance style and whimsical lyrics. They released their first album this past February.Lyrics + Fill in the blank: Lyrics for Cayetano by Carolina Durante

Lola Índigo

Probably the most well known of the five nominees, this artist has over 74 million views on Youtube for her hit single “Ya no quiero ná”. This granadina’s style combines pop, dance, funk, and reggaeton music.Lyrics + Fill in the blank: Lyrics for Yo No Quiero Na by Lola Indigo 

Don’t forget to cast your vote!

Place your vote here. May the best artist win!


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