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Connecting Classrooms: Best City for a School Exchange


Best city for a school exchange

Connecting Classrooms is a free program that connects schools in the U.S., Spain, and France for a virtual exchange in which students learn about each others’ daily lives and culture through video sharing.

For the second activity, students will create a promotional video to showcase their city/region to their partner school and explain why it’s a great option for a school exchange.

Suggested topics

  • What are the top three sites that students should visit in your area?
  • What are some typical dishes/food from your city/region?
  • Share some insider tips about your city (e.g. where can students find the best burger, best park/public space to hang out with friends, or best place to go shopping).
  • What are some sayings unique to your city/region?
  • What sports are most popular in your city? Are there any professional sports teams in your region?

Video format

Here´s a sample video in Spanish of students discussing why Salamanca is the best city to study Spanish:

  • Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your video
  • Presentation and discussion of topic
  • Ending – What questions do you have for students at your partner school about their city and how can they ask you questions?

Video length: 3-4 minutes

Audience: Students at your partner school who are curious about your city/region and interested in visiting for a homestay or school exchange.


  • Students can choose another city/region in their country.
  • Students can present information about their partner school’s town/region through online research or gathering information from their partner school directly.

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