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8 Activities to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and explore Hispanic cultures, history, and traditions with your students through these fun and engaging classroom activities:

Activity 1: Country Cuisine Competition

Assign your students a Spanish-speaking country. Each student group will research their country’s cuisine and choose a national dish to represent the country in a March Madness style cuisine competition.

For each round, they can make their case (in Spanish) for why their country’s dish should move forward. Have the class vote to see what cuisine reigns supreme!

Activity 2: Connect virtually with a classroom in Spain

Connect your students with a classroom in Spain for a free virtual exchange project. If you are interested in being matched with a school, submit an interest form!

Activity 3: Geography Quiz

Need a quick break from studying? Using this Geoguessr Quiz, see if your students can guess these Spanish-speaking locales, just from the landscapes and landmarks shown!

Activity 4: Spanish Wordle

The New York Times game that has captivated logophiles all over the world has a Spanish version! Expand your student’s vocabulary and spelling while deciphering the daily hidden word.

Activity 5: Hispanic Trivia Video 

Our Forum geography geeks Sarah and Santiago created an interactive quiz that will entertain your students. By answering the questions of our country guessing game , your students will discover how many different cultures and regions the Hispanic world has to offer.

Activity 6: Listen to a Playlist curated by our Forum team

Play a few tunes at the beginning of each class during Hispanic Heritage Month and have students practice their listening skills by writing down the vocabulary they hear.

Our team has picked some of their favorite songs to curate our “El Ritmo de la Hispanidad” playlist.

Activity 7: Dive into the World of Hispanic Literature 

Introduce your students to classic Hispanic authors with books by Isabelle Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, or Jorge Luis Borges.  Or check out up-and-coming writers featured in this list of the  20 most anticipated New Latinx Books of 2022!

Activity 8: Binge-watch a series in Spanish (Netflix, Amazon, HBO)

Develop your students’ listening skills with one of these Spanish-speaking series or movies: “El Laberinto del Fauno,” “Nailed It!: Mexico,” “La Casa de las Flores,” (disclaimer: rated ages 15+) “Pachamama,” “Siempre Bruja,” and of course the classic “Selena.” Our team’s top pick is “Las Chicas del Cable”.


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