Connecting Classrooms: Daily Life


Daily Life

Connecting Classrooms is a free program that connects schools in the U.S., Spain, and France for a virtual exchange in which students learn about each others’ daily lives and culture through video sharing.

For the third activity, students will create a video showing what daily life is like in their community.

Suggested topics

Option 1. Clothing & Shopping 

  • What do you wear to school? To go out with friends? For what occasions do you get dressed up? (e.g. school dances, religious holidays, special events)
  • What are your favorite clothing stores?
  • What are the current fashion trends in your city?
  • What do you have in your closet?
  • Do you usually go to the mall to shop or to individual stores?

Option 2. Sports  

  • What sports do you play? Where do you play them?
  • What sports are most popular at your school?
  • What professional sports teams does your city/region have?
  • What is the most popular professional sport in your country?

Option 3. Food Shopping  

  • Where do you go food shopping?
  • What specialty shops are there?
  • What is a supermarket like? What are the prices like?
  • What are your favorite food brands/products?
  • What foods are typical to your region or city?

Option 4. Family life  

  • What styles of homes do you have in your city? (e.g. apartment, individual houses, townhouses)
  • Where do you spend most of your time at home?
  • What are family meals like? Where do you eat them? When? Who cooks?
  • What household chores do you have?
  • Do you have a curfew as a teenager?
  • What rules do parents have for teenagers? Are your parents strict?

Option 5. Transportation  

  • Where do you walk vs. bike vs. drive?
  • How old do you have to be to drive a motorcycle? A car?
  • How do you get your driver’s license?
  • What public transportation is available to you?

Video format

Here´s a sample video of students showing what food shopping is like in Spain:

Video layout and content

  • Introduce yourself and explain the purpose of your video
  • Presentation and discussion of topic
  • Ending – What questions do you have for students at your partner school about their city and how can they ask you questions?

Video length: 3-4 minutes

Audience: Students at your partner school who are curious about daily life in your country.

Additional Activities:

  • Concept map: Under each category, share what you learned about daily life in your partner school’s community.
  • Writing prompt: Before watching the videos, discuss what you know about daily life in your partner school’s community. After watching the videos, share what you learned and what surprised you most.
  • Venn diagram: Note the differences and similarities between daily life in your community and that of your partner school.
  • Edpuzzle: Create interactive content using your partner school’s video (free & downloadable app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play)

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